Monday, February 27, 2006

Home Games and Online Low-NL.

I have been playing on a regular basis, which includes my friend's $1/2NL home game and online cheap NL games. I haven't been playing as many MTTs, because I simply don't have the time to invest.

The home games have been great. Immensely entertaining, good action, and lots of fun. I'm up approx. $250 for the month of February. It's not alot, but it's not losing! Online has actually been a struggle. I go up, and then I go back down. I never bust out, but I never find myself busting open. If you have an anecdote, please, post a comment!

JD from the forums Congrats to SirFWALGman for taking down an Stars $180 SnG! I read that you've been playing good lately... keep it up! GL to Fell on the decision to go pro! It's a big step, but you can do it. The knowledge you've given me has been priceless.

Till next time,


Saturday, February 11, 2006

Snow and Poker.

The Philadelphia region is supposed to get jacked by mother nature. We are expected to get 8-14" of snow later on tonight and into tomorrow, which is going to be a pain in the ass. :)

I haven't been blogging much at all because I'm been slightly busy with a few things here and there, but I still get in a few tournaments per week. Along with keeping better records, I've been taking notes on all of the tournaments I play. Here is my latest. I bust out w/in the first hour, but hey - it's content. :)

$6+1 Satty to $200k Guaranteed
Tournament Notes

185 entrants, 5 seats available

15/30: QQ in MP. I open-raise to 120. SB calls. Flop: K74, two hearts. SB Checks, I bet ¾ pot, SB goes into the tank, but eventually folds.

25/50: 94o in BB. Folded to the CO, who limps, button limps, SB folds. The flop brought 984, w/ two spades. The LP players were aggressive, so I check, hoping to C/R. I CO bets 50 into a 150 pot, Button calls, I raise to 300. Fold, fold.

30/60: I wasn’t involved w/ the hand, but two of the tournament chip leaders (seated at my table, of course) got into an all-in fest: one of them had two pair, the other turned a set.

30/60: Q5 in BB. UTG, UTG+1 and the Button limp, and the SB completed. The flop: was K58, and it checked around. Turn T, checked around. River 5. I checked, figuring w/ so many people, someone is bound to at least try to steal the 300 pot, but it goes checked around, and my trip 5s are good. I guess I should have value bet.

50/100: One minute before the break, and I bust out in 65th place. KK in LP, two limpers. My stack is T1850, and I raise to 400. 4 players see the flop of: Q49, two diamonds. Checked to MP player who pushes (he’s a big stack). I call, others fold. I show KK, he flips QTd. He catches a Q on the turn, and that’s the end of me. He did have a lot of outs, so I can’t fault his aggressive play, I just happen to catch the bad end of it. (The pot already had 2000 before his all-in flop bet, so it would have put me right around 5000 to start the second hour – exactly where I wanted to be.

I'm so due, I can't even talk about it.


Monday, January 23, 2006


Looks like my cat plays more poker than I do.



Sunday, November 27, 2005

One post per month.

Lately, that's my average - and I don't know if that'll be changing any time soon!

Over the past two weeks, I played some live $1/2 NL (both in Atlantic City and at home games) and all sessions have been shitty. I ran into a set last Friday at Harrrahs, and then I got hurt when someone rivered their flush on me over at the Taj.

It's great to see the impact of poker - especially on a gambling town like AC. I guess nearly EVERY casino has a poker room now? Is that a safe assumption? And they are reaching out to the poker player market if you notice of poker tournament billboards.

And what the fuck! I saw a waitress at the Taj giving someone a RED BULL! We get them free now? Holy shit, it's been a while since I played live casino poker!

Anyway, I went "Black Friday" shopping and got a GREAT deal on a 5.0 MP Kodak digital camera. Picked up a few gifts and returned safely home by 10a. I noticed that K-Mart had a mistake in their ad: Ps2 Starwars: Battlefront 2 for $12.99. WHAT? The game is three weeks old. LOL. I was tempted to go to K-Mart demanding the game yelling "false advertisement" if they didn't give me the game, but I couldn't deal with the crowds.

Until next month :) ,


Saturday, October 29, 2005

Not DEEP Enough ...

As all two of you know, I don't get much time for poker lately. MTTs are usually out of the question because I never have big blocks of time, but last night I finally played. I jumped in one of Stars $20/2 NLHE, Max 180 SnGs, and I played great. Finally!

It was past 1am when we started, and I was already tired. When the tournament got down to 50 players, I wound up getting Aces back to back. I won two healthy pots, I found myself as one of the chipleaders. When we reached ITM, I had an average stack, and was 9/18. Money was the same for 10-18, so I had to turn it up in order to reach the final table. Folded to me in the SB, I made a move on the BB by raising 2.5x. I think I had 85o. Didn't work out. At this point, the blinds were high enough that I was pissed off about the play. I still had a stack to work with, but I needed to focus. 10/17...

A few hands later, a very short stack pushes in MP. I have 55, and I figure it's a race ... he could have ANYTHING. LOL. I call. TT crushes me, and I find myself in bad shape. 13/17-ish...

By the time I turn around, there are 13 players left. I need to move, as I'm hurtin. EP stack makes a raise, and w/ AQo on the button, I figure it's good enough. My stack had an M of about 2-3, so I needed to do something. We are heads up, and my AQ loses to A9 when 9 9 come on the turn and river.

So that was it. 13/180. I really wanted to get FT, and I was so close. :) Maybe next time.


Suing People.

It's strange.

Reading the facts of some of these cases, it's just crazy how people can get themselves so wrapped up into some fucked up shit. (And I didn't even touch a family law case yet!) I have been mainly focusing on two things: (i) a wrongful death case set for trial in mid-December, where I'm sitting "second chair," and (ii) commercial collection cases.

Canon is one of my firm's biggest clients. Canon enters into lease agreements w/ corporations or businesses who lease office equipment. Invariably, payments aren't made, and the lessee defaults. Canon complains, and we sue the bastids. The "Canon Lease Agreement" was a beast to get through, but with a few weeks under my belt, I'm definitely feeling more confident.

My hours aren't too bad, but I honestly have a new appreciation of "Friday." I'm not working 7am - 11pm (LOL), but I'm basically at 8-1/2, 9 hr. days. My caseload is small right now, but that won't last. My secretary found another job, and yesterday, she gave her two-week notice. LOL. She came into my office apologizing... I was like, "Jenn, I hardly know you. No big deal!" Crazy ass.

On the poker front, I just don't seem to have the time anymore. I try to get a few hands in every other night, but wind up playing for 20 minutes and logging off.

Playing live last weekend was fun...


Monday, October 24, 2005

My Busy Routine...

Well, I'm not exactly going to rant about how busy my routine is... rather, I find it interesting how I'm so routinely busy. I'm just not used to sitting at the computer for a few hours playing poker, finding good articles, scanning forums, and [rarely] blogging.

Tell you what, it's definitely good getting a paycheck on a weekly basis. (Yes, my firm pays weekly.) I have things to save for, some initial debt to pay off, but I'm looking forward to what's on the horizon.

Nothing much has been happening in my life...
  • I finally got a chance to play live poker! I won $75 in a 6-handed $1/2 NL homegame. At no one time did I fall below my initial buy-in, but I never woke up to the "double-up" hand. Either way, it was great to play live again. The homegame is weekly (sometimes twice a week), so maybe I'll be playing more often.
  • I busted out of the Pokerstars Blogger Tournament when I pushed w/ JJ and was called by QQ. No help, and I'm sent packing shortly after the first break. Oh well.
  • Yea, and my girlfriend and I have just started watching Lost as I rented Season 1 from Blockbuster. Good fucking show - we already have some interesting "theories."
That's it for now,


Sunday, October 09, 2005

First Week As A Lawyer.

I'm finally sitting down, after one of the longest weeks of my life. The week was actually a very good one for me. Not only did I start work as an attorney, but I found out that I passed the Pennsylvania Bar.

[I was so scared of failing the bar because I just about spent 7-9 hours a day studying for it. Going at it like that, for two months straight, certainly takes a toll on someone. If I did fail... I would have been fired AND I would had to study again. No thanks!]

So my first week as a lawyer...

It's scary. On one hand, I'm excited about starting a new job - having a REAL paycheck (lol), and having a support staff including my own secretary... but, on the other hand, I don't know what the fuck I'm doing. Just trying not to fuck up seems stressful...

I get in early - 7:40am to be exact, and I'm the first one there. It's almost along the lines of John Grisham's The Firm, but they didn't give me a Mercedes. And I'm a better poker player than Tom Cruise. Anyway, I get in early, and I'm waiting for the office manager ("OM"): we have things to set up (voicemail, email, etc etc), but he doesn't come in until 9. I sit around for an hour and a half. By this point, I've had 3 cups of coffee. :)

OM comes in and we get the initial stuff out of the way. As I'm talking with him, one of the named partners ("P1") swings by the office:

"How are you enjoying your first day?"
"Good, so far!"
"Good. I need you to create a limited partnership. Once you create that, I want you to immediately merge that with a limited liability corporation with the general partner being a corporation and the marjotiy stockholder being the general manager of the limited partnership. You'll obviously have to create the corporation, but that's just formality. You've had Corporations in law school, right? Anyway, see Terry for the file."
"No problem."
At this point, I turn to the office manager and say: "Welcome to Monday morning!"
He laughs and says, "You'll get the hang of it.

I better.

Within minutes, another partner ("P2"), comes into my office and gives me another assignment. This one deals with the wrongful death of our client's wife who was in a car accident 2 years ago. Litigation is pending in January, and we need a negligence issue researched. NO PROBLEM! This is certainly more my speed, compared to the above mentioned corporate law bullshit.

With neither assignment complete from yesterday, I get a new assignment today: to create a church. Yes. I have to write the corporate by-laws and the certificate of incorporation for a new church in Camden, NJ. Praise the lord. An intersting assignment, to say the least.

Wednesday was slow and uneventful. A long day, and I had three previous assignments to keep me busy.

Fridays at the office are "casual" days, so the atmosphere is already much much lighter. I guess it's unofficial (the complaint doesn't go out until Monday), but today is the first day I've sued someone! LOL. I wrote two complaints for P2 arising out of the same situation (husband and wife buy pizza business, they don't pay for it + husband and wife lease building...don't make rent payments). P2 made lots of additions / corrections /and/ modifications to the complaint, but I think he was happy w/ my draft. Friday was a LONG day: in at 8, out at 6, but it felt good finishing my FIRST WEEK as a lawyer. :)

This "week in review" could certainly have been better but I brought home some weekend work, and I feel much better actually BILLING as opposed to writing for the 3 people who (on occasion) accidentally run into this blog.